When should dentures be used? What are the different types of dentures?

It becomes a difficult task to manage without teeth. It becomes even more tedious when the teeth are present but their functionality is reduced to an adverse level. In those cases, one needs to deliberate on a dental clinic in Whitefield. It will guide the patient to get their functionality restored. The main treatment which is carried on the edentulous patients is the use of the denture fixture.

  • What are the adverse effects that are caused due to the lack of teeth?

The edentulous patient does not only face the problem of chewing the food but they also encounter the problem in speaking. The structure of the face is highly affected due to the lack of teeth.

  • What are dentures?

Dentures are the artificial fixtures that are placed in the place of the absent tooth. These facilitate the patient in the chewing activities and regaining the functionality of the teeth. Moreover, they contribute to regaining the shape and structure of the face.

  • How many types of Dentures are there?

Dentures come in variegated options. Following are the types of dentures:

  • Removable Complete Dentures

These dentures are very useful for those patients who are experiencing a lack of so many teeth. They are removable but these give an extensive natural look to the teeth. These have all the teeth fitted in an acrylic base which gives the complete look of gums. These come in various sizes and are prescribed according to the size of the jaw of the patient.

  • Removable Partial Dentures

As we have discussed that removal of complete dentures is for those patients who have a complete lack of all the teeth. But removable partial dentures are prescribed to those patients who have some tooth missing. These can either be removable or can be fitted with the crowns on the natural teeth for experiencing a better fit.

  • Flexible Dentures

These dentures are the first choice of the edentulous patient. It is considered better than any other kind of dentures just because these are manufactured with softer material i.e thin thermoplastic. These do not incorporate the use of metal parts. That is the reason this gives a natural look and comfort to the patient.

  • Implant-Supported Denture

The above-mentioned kinds of dentures like that of complete and practical Dentures incline to slip or fall over the gums. If that is happening regularly, then the dentists will suggest you go through the implant-supported dentures. This species of denture incorporates the insertion of implants in the jawbone and the dentures are provided with its support. These are considered the firmest form of dentures.

  • Immediate dentures

These are temporary kinds of dentures. If any tooth extraction kind of procedure is performed, it is placed in the patient’s mouth until he is completely rehabilitated.

One final word

It’s quintessential to choose the dentures according to the bones and the jaw size. The budget also plays an important role in deciding what kind of dentures one should use.

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