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5 Possible Issues With Dental Implants You Must Know

Millions around the globe have dental implants and certainly, the best tooth-reconstruction procedure a patient can ever obtain. As compared to dentures, dental implants provide a natural feeling as well as an optimum security justified by their performance and longevity respectively.

However, much as you are definitely in for a dental implant procedure and have heard a booklet of benefits/advantages of dental implants, here are the possible issues associated with dental implants that you must know before its too late.

  1. Loosening

A number of factors such as the periodontist’s experience and injuries can cause the dental implants to loosen up, hence the failure. In other cases, your dental implants may also loosen as a result of their failure to fuse with the surrounding bone, a process known as Osseointegration.

How to prevent this?

It is quite important to search for an experienced dentist or periodontist before the procedure of dental implants in Bangalore. Certain facts like the amount of bone, the health of the gums, and the ideal type of dental implants must be evaluated prior to the procedure.

2. No bone or Less Bone

Your dental implant treatment is likely to fail in case you have an insufficient bone in the jawbone. It is a crucial consideration to evaluate the amount of bone before the procedure and if necessary, your dentist will provide new bone, via a process known as bone grafting. Bone grafting basically requires a dentist to take a portion of bone from one area of the body and then graft it onto the jawbone.

The procedure will obviously increase your treatment period, but automatically worth it.

3. Infection

Just like any other surgery, your recovery speed and results are somehow determined by your health before the procedure. Similarly, in dentistry, the presence of bacteria prior to the dental implant procedure can trigger an infection and in other cases, the dental cement utilized may trigger the same. This infection will affect the bone and gum tissue, causing them to become inflamed hence, implant failure.

How to Prevent It?

You ought to have an extensive dental checkup and in case of any infection, it must be effectively treated. Infections that occur after the procedure are also treated accordingly.

4. Tissue Impairment/Damage

Inexperience on the part of the dentist can pave a way to tissue damage that can also increase the implant failure. Therefore, it is quite ideal to opt for an advanced dental clinic with superior diagnostic approaches, an experienced team, and ideal care tips for a smooth treatment procedure.

5. Sinus problems

Sinus problems such as damage can also occur during the dental implant procedure. This is commonly triggered in case the dentist grafts a section of bone from another region and then introduces it to the jawbone. According to studies, sinus perforation is rare and occurs when dental implants are to be fixed in the upper jaw.

Having opted to undergo a dental implant treatment at the best dental clinic in Bangalore, it is necessary that you follow the dentist’s instructions. Report back to the dentist in case of bleeding, pain, and sensitivity. Also, an effective caring approach can help lessen dental implant failure.

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